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  1. Curt Hanson on at

    Cool!!! I’m delighted to be working with old friends … and new friends!

    Just one question (a nit-pick)… Is the banished/elder duke’s name REALLY LeBeau???

    Thanks so much for letting me come play! CH

    • mvmendelson on at

      We are clearing up a few missteps and no, his name is Herbert.

  2. Michael
    Great to meet you at the intermission of LEAR yesterday. It was exciting to hear about your new project. Also, the website is beautifully organized and informative. Can’t wait to see AS YOU LIKE IT (already put July 17 on the calendar); Nelson’s 2 ACTORS sounds almost as exciting.
    Here’s the link to the Kent State website I was telling you about yesterday: It might not be quite as exciting as I made it out to be?
    Also, check out my website I can get you a free, prerelease galley copy if you’ve got an e-reader, smart phone or (tablet) computer to read it on.
    Best of luck in your endeavor,

  3. mvmendelson on at

    It was wonderful to meet you and your wife during LEAR. Some of those images still live with me. I’m so glad to hear you’re excited and Portland Shakespeare Project is on you callendar. I will check out both links you’ve sent. Thank you for taking the time to talk at the show and here on our blog. Should you feel so inclined please consider becoming a supporter of our inaugural season.
    We will take all the luck you can give us.
    Michael Mendelson

  4. Tricia on at

    Looking forward to taking my teen girls to the show this weekend! Thank you for bringing this to Portland!

  5. Meryl on at

    I dragged my ‘boy-friend’ to your production this past evening, and I think that his horizons are so much more expanded. Thank you. Cristi Miles, you are the best.

  6. Julie Beck on at

    Its now 4 productions that I have attended in the past year or so by the Portland Shakesphere Project and these outstanding, creative performances alone are a reason to relocate and move to Portland!!!
    As a former New Yorker, and expecting outstanding productions I am relieved that Portland is now up there in top notch theatre. Michael keep doing what you are doing!!!
    Julie Beck
    Eugene, Oregon