Donors to Portland Shakespeare Project for the 2016 Season

Portland Shakespeare Project thanks the following donors for their generous donations for the 2015 Season and for supporting the continued development of a classical theatre company in Portland. We appreciate your support very much.

Donation of $10,000 or More


Donation of $5,000 or More


Donation of $2,500 or More


Donation of $1,000 or More

Carol Christensen

Kirsten and Christopher Leonard

Susan and Leonard Magazine

Widney and Glenn Moore

John Swanson

Rosalie and Edward Tank

Donation of $500 or More

Linda and Karl Boekelheide

Alana and Robert Byington

Eric and Rebecca Friedenwald-Fishman

Sara and Edmund Goodman

Jessie Jonas Charitable Fund

Jenny and Edward Jones

Virginia and Arthur Kayser

Bill Lyons

Susan and Michael Mueller

Judith and Jerome Nadler

John Ragno

Susan and John Schilke

Barbara and Norman Sepenuk

Katheryn Shamrell

Johnny Strode

Melvyn Rieff

Dr. Robert Wayne

Donation of $250 to $499

Brian Berdanier

Laetitia and Christian Dreyer

Mary O’Hearn

Melody and Bernard Hyde

Carol Kimball

Arnold Perlstein

Elizabeth Pratt

Carl Wilson and Evan Boone

Donation of $100 to $249

Charles Carpenter

Lois Ann Colaianni

Vicki and Jim Currie

Wolfgang Dempke

Sherry and Paul Fishman

Marie R. Flagg

Edith and Williamson Fuller

Gretta Grimala

Michelle and James Maida Hager

Dianne M. Herrmann

Hank and Norma Keeton

Edward C. Kemp

Mair and Hugh Lewis

Dorothy Lyman

Patricia Macrae and Timothy Rowan

Kelley Marchant

Nancy Matthews

Mariellen Meisel and Steven Glass

Allen and Frances Nause

Laura Potter

Bonnie and Peter Reagan

Charlotte Rubin

Carolyn Smith

Miriam and Charles Rosenthal

Karen Springer

Carol Wallace

Rebecca Youngstrom

Donation of $5 to $99

Robert Amesse

Sue Armitage

Robert Baker

Bett and Fred Brace

Howard Brownstein

Don Caniparoli

Priscilla B. Carlson

John Chapman

Joseph Costa

Adrian Harris Crowne

Randi Douglas

Kathy Eaton

Leslye Epstein

Karen Flagstad

Myra Glasser and Richard Keogh

Lynn Goldstein

Helen L Henry

Diane M. Herrman

Jen Hewlett

Marion Hoffman

Sherry Lamoreaux

Daniel Lee

Michaela Lipsey

Sarah Lucht

Nancy Matthews

Charles Maxwell

Susan Sammons Meyer

Michael Millhollen

John Parry

Cheryl Peterson

Stan Peterson and Stephanie Wanda

Elizabeth Pratt

Reina Randall

Robert Reed

Sarah Rosenberg

Cara Rozell

Elizabeth Stork

Christee and Patrick Sweeney

Gary Taliaferro

Roberta Taussig

Edie and George Taylor

Cheryl and Fred Tessler

Simon Thompson

Tracy Thornton

Thomas Trotter

Stella Voreas

Sari Watnick

Jeffrey Williams

Carol Ann Wohlmut

Donation of Services

David Kinder Custom Event Photography & Services

Olympic Provisions